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Trading or Taking Sub-Cities Empty Trading or Taking Sub-Cities

Post by Valthonis 25 on Fri Aug 19, 2011 10:10 pm

Before trading cities, it is important to note a few details.
-Troops are “loyal” to cities, not players. Therefore, when taking a city, the troops currently in the city and training in the city will stay there when transferring owners.
-University Skills are “loyal” to players. When leveling a skill, it gets leveled in all of your cities, and future cities. Therefore, if you have a level 5 cultivation skill and the city you are taking has a level 20 cultivation skill, after you take the city, the cultivation skill drops to 5.
-Unless the legends have 29 or less loyalty, when occupying a sub-city, the legends will be forced back to the capital of the player who once owned the city.
-The city might not look how you like it. Everyone designs their city different than everyone else, so they might have more garrisons or croplands than you can use. In that case, degrade such buildings and replace it like you would like it. It is still faster than building your own city.
-Troops may be set to defend the city. In such a case, you must defeat the defenders to lower the loyalty.
-Invading takes resources, but it does not lower loyalty. You must occupy to lower the loyalty of a city.

In order to trade, or take a city, the opposing city must have 0 loyalty left. The resentment doesn’t matter, but it does reduce resource output, population, and makes the loyalty go down. To lower loyalty when taking a sub, just spam occupies at the city, unless it is defended. If you are in the midst of a battle, any attacks coming at the place where the attack is occurring will bounce off and the loyalty will not lower. When trading a city to another player, send all troops and resources you would like to keep to another city, and then set the tax rate at 100. It will be slow, but the loyalty will lower continuously. Once the loyalty reaches 1 or 0, any occupy that successfully goes through will take the sub. All occupies take down 2 or 3 loyalty. This is because it takes slightly more than two, so when stacked, it takes down 3 sometimes. All troops in the city will become the property of the new owner, all legends will be sent to the previous owner, and the loyalty will be reset.

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