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How to Structure your Solutions Empty How to Structure your Solutions

Post by Valthonis 25 on Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:57 pm

Hey guys. I know very well how disorganized people can get while typing, and how confusing an answer to a question can get. Sometimes, its more confusing than the question! So, below is an example of how to structure your solutions to people's glitches, if you have one Wink

Title of the topic: Armour Degrading at Reset - (insert glitch poster name here)

The solution to doing this is:
Do not click the axe in the top righthand corner to repair all equipment at once. Instead, repair each piece of equipment one by one. This will stop it from downgrading at reset.

If there are steps you should take, like open the legend interface, click this button, go to this tab, or whatever, type it in like that.

1. Open Legend Interface
2. Click on Allocate Troops button in the bottom righthand corner.
3. Click the arrow on the left, after selecting type of troops, to fill the legend with troops.

If there is special information to go along with what you have typed in, then say so at the bottom of your post.

When repairing your armour, make sure not to use WoLCash instead of gold, unless you want to lose 1 WoLCash per item. This could mess up your plans to buy things in the future.

Please, not Leet typing, such as 1 am 2 kul 4 dis plce. see u 2mrow. This is difficult to understand, and it takes more time thinking about how to type that then it does to type it correctly. It is ok to misspell words sometimes, but purposely mistyping is annoying.


Thanks and Happy Repping Smile - Valt
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