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Soaring and Ascending Legends Empty Soaring and Ascending Legends

Post by Valthonis 25 on Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:23 pm

There are many different ideas when it comes to when you should soar a legend. The consensus is that for any legend from 25-30 (except for your own legend), you should soar at level 80. This will give you a quick, strong legend that you can use to train other legends fast. Any legend with 24 or less ability should not be trained, and only those 30 and less should be trained by those without good, stronger legends. Any legend between 31-40 ability should be soared at level 90-100, always go for 100 if you want to get the most out of the legend. Any legend with 41-45 ability should only be soared at 100. If you have a 45 ability legend, then you should train to level 100, and then use renew seeds to get him to level 1 and use reflections to pot pure 4’s. This is because there are few 45ab legends, and they are the only ones who can be enlightened, and you should always get the most you can out of them. Once you train up your legends, you will be very excited at having your new true legend Wink. Remove all gear, troops, and artifacts, and then click the convert button on the legend interface. Click OK, and you will have a brand new True Legend. He will have bonus points under his class affiliated stat, Warrior is Courage, Monk is Magic, and Seer is Strategy. He will also have a total of 85% of his total pot points he received from his first 100 levels, or 80 levels, depending on when you soar him. This makes him a rather strong level 1, and therefore can train other legends faster. You will also receive a Box in your inventory, which will hold a full set of armour and an artifact which will give you +15% attack in a battle. The armour half-set gives you a +25 bonus to the class affiliated stat, and the full set gives a +20% attack power to archers in the first round of battle.

Once you become a true legend, you may use urns to raise the ability of legend. Any legend who is 40 or below can only become 45 by using urns, and any legend that is in the 40’s can raise their ab only by 5. Therefore, only 45ab legends can become 50ab. Sacred Urns can raise the ability of a legend from abilities 10-35, a Divine Urn can raise from 35-39, and a Heaven Urn can raise the ability of legends 40-49.

Once a True Legend becomes level 80-100, they can be “ascended” or “sealed”, which is like a second soaring. Once again, you receive 85% of your pot points you had from levels T1-T100. It is suggested you only ascend legends at level T100. You click on the ascend button on the legend interface, and you once again you receive an artifact, which this time gives +20% attack, although no armour. You can go another 100 levels, and this time there are certain “passive skills” that help your legend greatly. These can be from increased mana and attack to auto-healing of troops. Each one happens randomly when you level up, and each skill can get to level 20, and there are 10 skills.

Some artifacts can only be used by true legends, and that is also true with certain armour. There are also ascended legend-only armour suits and artifacts.

When you soar a legend, they become a new order, Warriors are Heavenly Generals, Seers are Heavenly Lords, and Monks are Immortals. They also get certain titles, and Famous Legends get specific titles. When you ascend a legend, the title doesn’t change but the order does. Heavenly Generals become God of War, Heavenly Lords become Celestial Lords, and Immortals become Sage Spirit.


Thanks and Happy Repping Smile - Valt
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