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How to trade Items Empty How to trade Items

Post by Valthonis 25 on Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:20 pm

To transfer items. you have to lower the loyalty down on your legend, have them occupy a wildland near you with archers, and then attack said wildland (after dropping from the alliance) with the legend you with to trade. Then, the other player will use said item (apricots, pheasent pearl, pipa pearl) and then do the same thing to trade the legend back. If you want to trade items, example will be apricots, with a person who already has the legend, Lei Zhenzi, then you will need three people, one of which doesn't have the legend. An alt works great for this. Trade one Lei, preferably the one with the apricots, to the alt without a Lei. Then, trade the Lei you are raising to the person with apricots, they will use them, then trade it back to the owner. Then, trade the apricot owner's Lei back to him. You may do this as many times as you like to get your Lei, or Spirits, to their max AB Smile. You may also do this with other things, such as getting someone to reflect your legend for you if they have a lot of extra reflects. This is highly unrealistic, however, since everyone uses their reflections.

You may trade any item this way that is needed for a legend, such as Apricots, Pipa Pearls, Pheasant Pearls, or other items. However, you may not trade actual items, just as an Edict, Jewlery, or Peace Cards. You may use experience boons on the traded legend, or train said legend to raise exp, but you may not trade items.


Thanks and Happy Repping Smile - Valt
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