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How to trade Legends Empty How to trade Legends

Post by Valthonis 25 on Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:17 pm

There are many reasons to want to trade a legend. Sometimes it’s to trade armour or artifacts; sometimes it’s to get someone to use a special item on your legend to really help it; sometimes it’s just to get a good legend or give a good legend.

There are a couple things you should know before transferring a legend.
-You cannot transfer a famous legend that the other person already has easily, although there is a way. See Below.
-Do not put on armour (if trading armour) until you are ready to trade, as lowering the loyalty while keeping the armour on will lower its endurance.
-Continuously make Renewals by going to the Alliance tab, items, and create renewals. These will be used to renew the health of your legend.
-Before dropping from the alliance, set a 12 hour explore or search. This is because when you leave an alliance, all troops who are not doing something in a wildland will be recalled back to your city, and you will have to resend troops to the wildland before transferring unless you set an explore or search.

In order to trade legends, you should follow these instructions to prevent losing your legend:

Have the person you want to trade the legend to occupy a wildland near you. As they do this, lower the loyalty of your legend to 40 by attacking a level 4+ wildland with the trading legend using 1 halberdier or swordsman. This will make him lose, and every loss in a battle lowers every legend’s loyalty by 1. At full health, a legend may attack and lose 6 hp at a time. Once the legend’s health reaches 1, or below 10 (WoL says 20 but the actual hp needed to attack is 10), you will need to heal him to continue attacking. Go into the Legend tab, click the legend you are trading, and click the little + next to the health box. Use a renewal to be able to attack once before needing to heal, heal seed to be able to attack twice, or a health potion to be able to attack 5 or 6 times. It is suggested you use renewals because they are easier to obtain than the other two items, and you will need health potions later on. Once the wildland is occupied by the other player, continue lowering the loyalty of the legend to 29. You should wait until the wildland is occupied, or else the legend may run away. Once everything is set up, ask an officer+ for an invitation back to the alliance and then drop from the alliance by going to the Alliance tab, manage, withdraw, and click the check mark. Then, attack the wildland using one halb or sword and your legend. If you are lucky, the legend will transfer, if not, attack the wildland until it is taken as a prisoner. Then, the other person will summon it and he will have the legend. The loyalty will automatically lower unless you raise it once. Then, take any armour you want, or just keep the legend. If you want to transfer back after taking the armour or using an item on it, follow the instructions again.

If you want to transfer a Famous Legend that the other person already has, do the following:
If you want to trade a FL with a person who already has the legend, for example Lei Zhenzi, then you will need three people, one of which doesn't have the legend. An alt works great for this. Trade one Lei to the alt without a Lei. Then, trade the other Lei to the person who just traded his own Lei.


Thanks and Happy Repping Smile - Valt
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