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Training using TLLT Legends Empty Training using TLLT Legends

Post by Valthonis 25 on Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:59 pm

How To: Train with a TLLT Legend
Before telling you how to train, there are a couple of things you should know.
-In the alliance tab, under items, there are certain items that raise courage, magic, and
strategy. Make every single one of these, and when training, use all of them. The Crg.
and Strt. boosts and bonuses DO stack, so use them both. This will help to raise the
mana and attack power.
-In the alliance tab, under worship, there are different boosts to use for your legends.
When training using the TLLT legends, its suggested that you go to the second page and
use Revolution. This will give you a +50% experience bonus for 12 hours. To get the
2,250,000 contribution, you must go to the Int. affairs tab, click donations, and put in
2,250,000 gold. Then you may use the Revolution
-There are certain items that stack, which you may use to get a higher experience bonus.
The Strong Hold Regions we have give a +60% Exp bonus, although with Whispering
Wasteland from Karma we have +90%. Also, using a clarity, lucidity, or exaltation will
give you a +100% exp gain. Using a Jade charm or token will give you a 25% exp
bonus, and a Fuxi Token will give you a 25% exp gain. Any of these items will stack
with another. Stacking means they can be used on top of one another, such as a clarity +
a Fuxi token will give you a +125% exp gain.
-There is an item called Haste. It can be obtained through stronghold rewards, or through
getting them in wildland battles. These will raise your marching speed for 72 hours,
which is extremely useful. Always use one of these when training.
-There are items called War Cry, Red Mist, Fire Shield, and Lava Shield. These raise
your attack strength and defensive strength power of your troops. War Cry and Red
Mist raise your attack power by 10% for 24 hours and 72 hours respectively, and First
Shield and Lava Shield raise defensive strength by 24 and 72 hours respectively. You
should always use one of each of these (most likely the 24 hour ones) before starting to

When you receive your legend, the first thing you need to do is summon it. The legend will have 50 loyalty. You must raise the loyalty of this legend once, otherwise it will start to lower itself and if it gets below 40, then the legend could run away. After you raise it once, the loyalty won’t lower itself again. Next, lower the legend’s loyalty down to 40 for easy transfer later. Do this by attacking a wild with 1 sword or halb, as losing anytime in a battle lowers the loyalty of a legend. After lowering loyalty to 40, repair the equipment on the legend ONLY IF it has 0 endurance.

After doing this, look for a level 4 SP near you. Click on the SP, and click explore, then send your TLLT legend with the first legend you are training. Have the TLLT legend hold all archers, and your legend that you are training hold 1 troop, preferably a charioteer so he doesn’t slow down your way to the SP. Once you get to the SP, use your exp boosts. Then, enter the SP. While in there, use reducers whenever you need to. Reducers are the artifacts that reduced the number of troops your opponent has. After losing any troops, use a healer (any artifact that heals the number of troops you have). When you learn what floor you can get to without too many losses, then recall. You should be able to get that far on any SP, and so hit the others near you to the same floor. Try not to lose too many troops. Every times an exp boost runs out, wait until your troops are at the SP before using another. Repeat this process as much as possible until you are level 100. IF YOU ARE TRAINING A 45ab LEGEND, READ THE FOLLOWING. After training to level 100, DO NOT soar you legend. Renew him by clicking the + next to the pot point box, and using renew seeds. Then, use reflections to pure 4 pot your legend. Every time he doesn’t get a 4 pot in a level, use a reflection and level him, and keep doing this until he is pure 4’s. Trust me, you have to do this, otherwise you will be screwed for the future.

There are certain SP's that are better to hit than others. All SP's have changing, random numbers of troops and types of troops on floors 1-2, but all troops and legends 3-20 across all servers are the same. Go to this website ( to see what is on each floor to attack accordingly. There are 3 SP's which are archerless on floors 3-7, one of which is a level 5. These are 324 487, 201 136, and 39 307 (last one is a level 5)

Good luck in training your legend! Thanks and Happy Repping Smile - Valt


Thanks and Happy Repping Smile - Valt
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